Animal Jam Update Mar 31

Hellooooooooooooo JAMMERZ! Darkfox reporting today, and I have to say we have an updatee! YESHH!!! It will include — Pet Lemurs, April Fools’ Party, Falcon Heartstone, Search Bars, Recycling, Deer, and Pet Hippos! Firstly, Pet Lemurs! Pet Lemurs have came back to Jamaa! They are adorable and wide-eyed! They look pretty cute with the items that you can put on them! They are small raccoon looking animals that will look amazing as your pet! Next, we have the April Fools’ Party! “It’s the wackiest party of the year!” The Jamaa Journal says, and of course it is! Tomorrow is April Fools’ Day. When you’re there you can buy accessories and den items for sale! Furthermore, the Falcon Heartstone! Since Feburary, our Alphas have been searching for Heartstones, they make it possible for us animals to live in Jamaa! They have found a Falcon Heartstone! The alphas will be soon bringing the heartstone to Jamaa, which means NEW ANIMAL! The search bars are now available when you’re trying to find any item in TRADING and GIFTING. Adding, now you can recycle more than one item at a time! Isn’t that great!? Also, Deer are leaving us. This is because they like the winter better than the summer and spring. They’ll come back so don’t worry! On April 14th, you won’t be able to get a deer anymore, so get them now! Lastly, Hippos! You will only get these mammoth animals as pets when you redeem a retail membership gift card. Thank you for reading my GIANT PARAGRAPH THAT YOU SOMEHOW GOT THROUGH! XD OKAY MY FRIENDS, SEE YOU LATER AND HAVE A GREAT DAY! ❤



Hello Everyone! Today Darkfox reporting here! I’m going to update you with my life…. We are learning about Africa and we had a project on it! I finally finished my poster, it was frustrating and hard x3 I want to watch Your Lie In April, someone recommend it to me. Watch Hyouka too pleaseseses! If you want an anime come to meh and I can find you one! Thank you for listening to my BOOOOOOORINGNGG conversation, and THANK YOU FOR LISTENING TO IT! ALSO WATCH HARUCHICKA IF YOU LIKED Your Lie In April Cause HAruchika is music too! Good Day! See you later! (Once my partner was a guy and he made the script.. The first line was – Together: G’day Mate I WAS LIKE FUIGYREFAWPJFEg I HAVE TO SAY THAT… WITH HIIIIIIIIMMMMMMMM?!)

Animal Jam Glitch

Ello Jammers! Darkfox here, and I’d like to talk about something. It’s a glitch that I recently had on AJ. I was on Animal Jam and I opened my inventory, and Animal Jam was a bit laggy too, and the photo you see below happened. I was using my Arctic Wolf. I was surprised and I couldn’t exit from my inventory. I had to refresh my page. Please comment if this happened to you and what you did to solve it! Thank you so much! Ciao for now! (I searched that up and it’s an actual place!)AJ GLITCH

~Quitting AJ~

Hey Jammers! It’s me Cherry here and today I’m announcing that I’m quitting AJ. But I’m still going to use my account for blogging purposes and other stuff, I won’t be on a lot because of school, it’s a busy year, so I might get back to playing more time on AJ in the summer time, so I will see you guys in summer, if you play with me on AJ. Well, I said enough, so I’m going to go, byee! See ya later Cookie N Cream Fans!

Screen Shot 2016-03-27 at 9.32.12 PM 1

March Madness!

Ello JAMMERS!!! Dark reporting! Today I will go over what March Madness in Animal Jam is. March Madness is basically, when you get membership you get more diamonds than you’re supposed to. This doesn’t go for the one month membership though. The prices of the membership is MUCH lower. 12 months is $4.83!!! It was $57.95 before w/ 95 diamonds!. 6 months of membership is $6 (usually $29.95) w/ 35 diamonds!! Isn’t that just amazing!? THANK YOU ANIMAL JAM! THIS IS ONLY AVAILABLE IN THE MONTH OF MARCH!~ So don’t forget to get it before March leaves us! Thank you for reading my description of March Madness! Bye Jammers. Cya next time!!! 


Hello, Darkfox reporting here! 🙂 TODAY I WILL BE TALKING ABOUT ANIMALS IN ANIMAL JAM. In my opinion, the Panda is the least used in the game. I’ve gone everywhere and NO panda’s to be seen. I’m at school, and I can’t go on Animal Jam right now because they blocked the website… DOES MY SCHOOL HAVE A GRUDGE AGAINST ANIMAL JAM!? Or do they not want us playing games during school… XD OKAY ANYYHOO! Cherry is sitting right next to me…. Oh and whenever I post something new and I don’t know what title to put, I’ll just use Google Translator to translate Hello in different languages. LIKE next I might do Korean or French. If you have any languages you want me to do, just ask. I’ll try to do it 😀 oml im soooooo off topic doe… BYE MY KIND FRIENDS… JAMMERS…. COOKIECREAMS…! BYE 🙂 (OUR FANDOM IS COOKIECREAMS XD)





Hi guy its Cherry here and today, I’m writing this thing in school MUHAHAHA XD and Darkfox is right next to me saying “hi everyone” XD. We are just writing this for fun. Right now we are in school working on our school Africa project. lol! BYE SEE YA LATER COOKIECREAM FANScreen Shot 2016-03-23 at 9.34.26 AM

Ello, Jammerzs!


HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Darkfox Reporting here. It seems that Cherry is very busy on the weekends… Well, I am into anime, like seriously. IM AN OTAKU! I finished watching Haruchika. It has the following– Romance, School Life, Mystery, Happiness (I guess.), and Music. Search up a summary because I’m too lazy right now to tell you one… UGHH Maybe yeah I will, here it is…** Haruta and Chika are members of their high school wind instrument club that is on the verge of being shutdown because there are only four members. The two are childhood friends that got split up, but reunited nine years later and they spend their days studying and also trying to recruit new members. When a mysterious events occur within their school, they band together in order to solve the mysteries. (I’M ADDING) Slowly they get more members, usually when someone popular or someone who takes a long time getting to join, or gets persuaded,  other members that aren’t named join. ** OKAY NOW GO ON WITH YA DAY! WATCH IT IF YOU WANT. GET INTO ANIME… I GUESS IF YOU WANT TO ;3 I’ll welcome you to the community 🙂


Anime- Another – Genre- Horror, Tragedy, School Life. and Action (AND MUCH MORE I DON’T KNOWW!) This is a gif…. XD They’re (I guess) dancing… By the way in the anime it’s really violent …. and bloody.! I haven’t watched the anime because I don’t want to have nightmares… A girl dies from tripping down the stairs with her umbrella, the tip of the top of the umbrella stabs her…. GOD I DON’T WANT TO SEE THAT ;3;



HEELLOOOOOOO! It’s Dark reporting today! Yesterday we attempted to create a video for our channel, IceCreamCookiesNCreamAJ, BUT WE FAILED! The audio was terrible… At least mine was, so Cherry might post it… Anyway, if she does, I wish you will love our first video. It’s about what you’ll expect from the channel, which is basically Animal Jam related videoooz! XD A bit awkward.. But whatever, we seriously love you all ♥♥♥! Dark is, OUT ♥! Cherry and DARK 

The picture above is Cherry and I together 🙂 With our pets! (Darkfox is on the right, Cherry is on the left. The cheetah is Cherry’s pet, and the cat is mine ;3 .) BAI!

New Easter Adventure! + Updates!

Hellloooo! Darkfox AJ reporting (this time) ! Today, we have a new UPDATE! It’s for Animal Jam. The new updates goes by the following– Easter Adventure, Mushroom Hut, Den Decorating, Rhinos, Daily Spin, and that’s it! The Easter Adventure is called “Spring Festival”. It is an adventure like the Clover Adventure. It is for ALL Jammers to play. In the adventure, you have to search for the ONE HUNDRED eggs. There are big golden eggs which have prizes in them, can you find them all? Next, the Mushroom Hut from last year has come again to spread it’s glory. As so the Jamaa Journal says, “Whether you’re looking for a shady place to RELAX, or a fun place to PLAY, the MUSHROOM HUT is the PERFECT PLACE to call home!” It truly is, it’s a very pretty place with a giant mushroom house. It’s like you shrunk into a tiny ant, and you’re trying to live; in a mushroom house. Furthermore, Den Decorating is getting MUCH easier now, Animal Jam has added tabs on top of the inventory of your den items. It helps you find where your items are. The tabs include. Furniture, Decorations, Plants, Pets, and Wall items! This feature was originally from Play Wild, the app version of Animal Jam. Following, Rhinos are saying goodbye. They are leaving Jamaa, for a limited time. So don’t worry, these large and amazing creatures will come back! Lets give them good luck!!! LASTLY!! (This is getting way too long..) The Daily Spin is a bit updated since we saw it. You’ll get EVEN MORE rare items in the Daily Spin! THANK YOU FOR READING THIS WHOLE ENTIRE THING YOU ARE AWESOME!♥ SORRY THIS WAS LOOOOOOOOOOOONG. I’ll try to shorten it next time. Darkfox, is OUT! Bye, Jammers! Have a PAWSOME day!