New Easter Adventure! + Updates!

Hellloooo! Darkfox AJ reporting (this time) ! Today, we have a new UPDATE! It’s for Animal Jam. The new updates goes by the following– Easter Adventure, Mushroom Hut, Den Decorating, Rhinos, Daily Spin, and that’s it! The Easter Adventure is called “Spring Festival”. It is an adventure like the Clover Adventure. It is for ALL Jammers to play. In the adventure, you have to search for the ONE HUNDRED eggs. There are big golden eggs which have prizes in them, can you find them all? Next, the Mushroom Hut from last year has come again to spread it’s glory. As so the Jamaa Journal says, “Whether you’re looking for a shady place to RELAX, or a fun place to PLAY, the MUSHROOM HUT is the PERFECT PLACE to call home!” It truly is, it’s a very pretty place with a giant mushroom house. It’s like you shrunk into a tiny ant, and you’re trying to live; in a mushroom house. Furthermore, Den Decorating is getting MUCH easier now, Animal Jam has added tabs on top of the inventory of your den items. It helps you find where your items are. The tabs include. Furniture, Decorations, Plants, Pets, and Wall items! This feature was originally from Play Wild, the app version of Animal Jam. Following, Rhinos are saying goodbye. They are leaving Jamaa, for a limited time. So don’t worry, these large and amazing creatures will come back! Lets give them good luck!!! LASTLY!! (This is getting way too long..) The Daily Spin is a bit updated since we saw it. You’ll get EVEN MORE rare items in the Daily Spin! THANK YOU FOR READING THIS WHOLE ENTIRE THING YOU ARE AWESOME!♥ SORRY THIS WAS LOOOOOOOOOOOONG. I’ll try to shorten it next time. Darkfox, is OUT! Bye, Jammers! Have a PAWSOME day!


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