Hello, Darkfox reporting here! 🙂 TODAY I WILL BE TALKING ABOUT ANIMALS IN ANIMAL JAM. In my opinion, the Panda is the least used in the game. I’ve gone everywhere and NO panda’s to be seen. I’m at school, and I can’t go on Animal Jam right now because they blocked the website… DOES MY SCHOOL HAVE A GRUDGE AGAINST ANIMAL JAM!? Or do they not want us playing games during school… XD OKAY ANYYHOO! Cherry is sitting right next to me…. Oh and whenever I post something new and I don’t know what title to put, I’ll just use Google Translator to translate Hello in different languages. LIKE next I might do Korean or French. If you have any languages you want me to do, just ask. I’ll try to do it 😀 oml im soooooo off topic doe… BYE MY KIND FRIENDS… JAMMERS…. COOKIECREAMS…! BYE 🙂 (OUR FANDOM IS COOKIECREAMS XD)





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