Hello Everyone! Today Darkfox reporting here! I’m going to update you with my life…. We are learning about Africa and we had a project on it! I finally finished my poster, it was frustrating and hard x3 I want to watch Your Lie In April, someone recommend it to me. Watch Hyouka too pleaseseses! If you want an anime come to meh and I can find you one! Thank you for listening to my BOOOOOOORINGNGG conversation, and THANK YOU FOR LISTENING TO IT! ALSO WATCH HARUCHICKA IF YOU LIKED Your Lie In April Cause HAruchika is music too! Good Day! See you later! (Once my partner was a guy and he made the script.. The first line was – Together: G’day Mate I WAS LIKE FUIGYREFAWPJFEg I HAVE TO SAY THAT… WITH HIIIIIIIIMMMMMMMM?!)


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