Animal Jam Update Mar 31

Hellooooooooooooo JAMMERZ! Darkfox reporting today, and I have to say we have an updatee! YESHH!!! It will include — Pet Lemurs, April Fools’ Party, Falcon Heartstone, Search Bars, Recycling, Deer, and Pet Hippos! Firstly, Pet Lemurs! Pet Lemurs have came back to Jamaa! They are adorable and wide-eyed! They look pretty cute with the items that you can put on them! They are small raccoon looking animals that will look amazing as your pet! Next, we have the April Fools’ Party! “It’s the wackiest party of the year!” The Jamaa Journal says, and of course it is! Tomorrow is April Fools’ Day. When you’re there you can buy accessories and den items for sale! Furthermore, the Falcon Heartstone! Since Feburary, our Alphas have been searching for Heartstones, they make it possible for us animals to live in Jamaa! They have found a Falcon Heartstone! The alphas will be soon bringing the heartstone to Jamaa, which means NEW ANIMAL! The search bars are now available when you’re trying to find any item in TRADING and GIFTING. Adding, now you can recycle more than one item at a time! Isn’t that great!? Also, Deer are leaving us. This is because they like the winter better than the summer and spring. They’ll come back so don’t worry! On April 14th, you won’t be able to get a deer anymore, so get them now! Lastly, Hippos! You will only get these mammoth animals as pets when you redeem a retail membership gift card. Thank you for reading my GIANT PARAGRAPH THAT YOU SOMEHOW GOT THROUGH! XD OKAY MY FRIENDS, SEE YOU LATER AND HAVE A GREAT DAY! ❤


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