Animal Jam Update April 30th

Allo, Mate! It’s Dark here!! Today I’ll reporting the updates. First off, we have a new den! The Spring Cottage! It’s a great place to celebrate spring! It’s big and colorful! Don’t forget to get it for 7 diamonds in the diamond shop! Next, Graham’s Workshop Adventure is back in business! It had left us for months, but now it’s back. You must collect resources and then you can create items with it. It’s amazingly fun once you get used to it! Continuing, BUDDIESSSSSSSS! Now you can have 200 buddies!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YASSSSSSSSSSSSS EVERYONE WAS WAITING FOR THIS MOMENT. OKAY!? Anyway, now there is a new outfit! In the diamond shop, you can get a ROCK STAR OUTFIT. It looks amazing. Furthermore, the Cruise Ship Party is back! Also, now, your pets will do any action your animal is doing, IN GAME! ISNT THAT COOOOOOOOOOL? Each pet has different types of way of playing. Try finding them all out! Lastly, the two last things are Hyenas and Summer Carnivals ! Hyenas aren’t here yet, but are coming soon! THEY ARE COMING BACK TO JAMAA!! Also, the Summer Carnivals are also coming back to us! You can earn tickets by giving in gems to play games! You can buy items with the tickets or get gems with the tickets~ IT’S A WINWIN! Bye Jammers! Today Im busy so sorry if it was quick! BYE!!~~~ ❤ 😀



Cherry reporting here and today I’m sorry for not posting anything Darkfox and for you guys. I was really busy with school homework and other stuff, and I didn’t really have lots of time to write a letter to you guys. 😦 But now maybe 2 a week I can report 😀 in our blog so you guys can see. Well I hope this cheered you people up a little. Bye creamy fans~ I will see you later! BYEEE~~ We also have Parcc!!

Animal Jam Update April

Hi Jammers! Dark reporting here! (Seems like I’m the ONLY one running the website!) We have an update in ANIMAL JAM! It’s the April update. Animal Jam is really moving their pace in updating. I’ll list the updates here, Falcons, Springtime Armor, Parties, Earth Day, and Deer. First off, a BRAND NEW ANIMAL has come to Jamaa! Like the last update, the alphas had found a heart-stone, which was a falcon. Now, Falcons are here to spread their joy! These swift creatures are faster than a cheetah. Now there are 3 flying animals in Animal Jam. A new animal, means a new video! Check out Animal Jam’s Video for Falcons, it’s called “Blown Away”! Here’s a link . Secondly, we have a new armor, that we’ve NEVER had before! It’s called the Springtime armor. It has five pieces to complete the set, A headset, necklace, claws, tail, and a back piece. Get the set in the diamond shop, today! Next, we have MORE parties! Remember Jammers could make their own parties? Well, now you can have 8 more places to have your parties! Furthermore, we have Earth Day! Now, around Jamaa, there will be banners, which have Earth Day. If you click on these colorful posters, they’ll give you a fun fact about the environment.. Don’t forget to try it out! (I FEEL LIKE I’M ADVERTISING TOO MUCH!) Lastly, Deer. Our fellow deer are leaving us for the time being, since they only like COLD weather, which now is gone because it’s spring. They’ll be joining us when the weather gets cold again, and snow starts falling! Give them GOOD LUCK in their travels! Thank you for reading this rrrrrrrrreeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyy long paragraph about Animal Jam Updates! Thank you so much, and I hope you’ll join me in my other reports! Peace OUT!~

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Glitch Patched and Gone :(

Heyyooo! Darkfox reporting today to report that Animal Jam has patched the best glitch ever….. You know that secret color when you click near the corner of the light purple? That icy blue color? They patched it and now not one can get it. You can now only get the magenta color… that looks like auburn. The same color as the Magenta Furry Hat. :(. WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! THAT COLOR WAS MAJESTIC DX! Bye dear friends. Ciao!!!~

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